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Full-Stack Flex


Full-stack flex is the ability to completely build a website from the ground up. This involves both front-end and back-end skills and having the ability to handle project management as well as installing the right software on a server. We provide exceptional, lightning fast websites that deliver engaging content and incentive your customers to purchase more with you and your business. Feel confident with a team of IT & Programming experts to bring that extra "umph" into your business. 


XML Server Site Map


Extensible Markup Language (XML) is used to describe data. It is a flexible way to create information formats and electronically share structured data via the public Internet, as well as via corporate networks. XML is known as self-describing which means that the structure of the data is embedded with the data which makes it convenient for storing data as it already provides a pre-built structure. Simply, we make websites that Google & other search engines can index and recommend consumers when searching for products or services that your business provides. We create a crawl-able XML file and submit that structured data file to Googles Site Webmaster Server and get full clearance before any type of marketing or advertising begins. 

Technical Structure & Base Foundation


Size filters? Re-targeting Campaigns? All these things require an intricate database that your website needs to pull out information of product availability and sellability. We create custom databases to match these fundamental needs and customize to any extent your business should need immediately or in the future. Give us a task and allow us to create your private network of transferable data! 


Multi-location Omnichannel Integration  




Omnichannel aims to focus on prioritizing the customer as the main point of the strategy. Using data gathered from customers through keywords or research, we use it to study customer behavior and use that data for improved marketing. We allow you to seamlessly access 


App Integration



Apps are becoming more advanced and versatile. We use apps to help marketing, coding, organizing and much more. The possibilities are endless with apps and integrating them into businesses will increase profits and accurate findings with the data received through research and analysis. Apps will become pivotal to a businesses success and without understanding and utilizing apps for your business, you would be severely crippling your business' potential. The accessibility apps bring is powerful.


Google & Facebook Analytics Tracking



Google analytics is an important digital marketing tool that allows you to gather real-time data and results of individual campaigns rather than use past or old data. Using this substantially improves marketing strategies thus returning greater profits. We aim to bring you the best data that will be on top of the competition and make you always multiple steps ahead. 

Facebook analytics is just as important as Google's since the vast majority of the people in the world use Facebook. Though Facebook has fallen off of popularity as a social media platform, many people still have their accounts and use it to this day. There are many ads on Facebook that can gather information on what people are looking for. Using that data and manipulating it for marketing strategies is a powerful tool that can be used to boost sales, ads, and company presence.  


Social Media Marketing & Management



Social media marketing and management is important and powerful. Using apps such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, one can boost your business tremendously. Many industries such as fast food, fashion, and entertainment have a high media consumption type of customer base that allows this social channel to be utilized for a high return in marketing. We effectively grow your presence on these channels while also delivering fun and engaging content to your customers in a hyper relevant tone. Get ready to share your business and it's products to new territories! 


Advanced Business Profile Set-Up


As your business grows, it is important to make sure your business profile updated and maintained regularly so that potential customers and partners can make business relations. We help set up your business on each channel expressing it's products and services in the language used on each specific setting. We utilize these profiles to help get your brand seen and notice by other bigger players within your industry for branding and marketing purposes. Discover your latest partner today on Linkedin or Facebook! 

Facebook Pixel Custom Conversion Set Up

Facebook Pixel is code that you place in your website that will collect data and tracks conversions from Facebook ads. It then optimizes the ads and builds new ads that target specific audiences. It also re-markets them to people who have already been on your website. The way it works is by placing and triggering cookies to track users as they interact with your website and your ads. Having Facebook Pixel will help improve your ad game on your website and bring more relevant and effective advertisement. We set up custom conversions for the pages and links that matter to your overall business or campaign specific needs!

Google Shopping



We know what works and what doesn't in eCommerce management. We've helped hundreds of businesses succeed online and understand how to help you maximize your Google Shopping campaigns. We'll help maximize your budget by breaking down your feed and campaigns and optimizing for sales and profitability. Gain maximum exposure for your products and maximize your check out process with a one-click to purchase set up for all your best sellers and new arrivals! 


Google PPC



Put your money where your mouth is and bid on branded,broad, or narrow keywords and deliver hyper relevant pages to customers who are looking for what your business provides! Utilize trending keywords and search queries and translate that into high volume clicks and traffic to your online store front for maximum exposure and high-returns. We incorporate professionally made PPC campaigns with a 6 week turnaround to plug and play for your e-commerce build each quarter for your highest returning season yet! 

Digital Advertisement 


Advertisement plays an imperative role for manufacturers and consumers. With ads, it lets the business gain more customers which increases business turnaround. This type of promotion draws in more customers and profits. To make your business successful, utilizing ads is a great way to bring in customers and promote your business. It is the best way to get word around of your new business.


Social Driven Sales


Sales made based on social media has many benefits. Companies can use social media to gather data on what people like or are using in real-time. This will be very useful in keeping up with trends and popular styles. Unfortunately many businesses do not know about this or are not yet adapted to the digital marketing age and so hopping onto this before other competitors will get you ahead tremendously.


Influencer Marketing



Alongside social media platforms, influencers are another aspect of marketing that is rising each year. Many celebrities are famed and loved by followers which is their trust in the celebrity. Using that trust and fame, one can use influencers to expand their company and raise popularity. Though it is not mandatory to have influencers for your company, having one is a great plus and will greatly spread your company. 





Roster Set Up 

Having team for any job is crucial to a company's success. Managing your team is key. Creating a roster for team members is a great way to manage work task and work flow. Always make sure to assign people different tasks and if one task is too big, then divide it among other teammates that can help or assist. Setting up roster requires great communication so make sure you and your team is on board with a main goal in mind.

Branded Effort


Branding is important as it is what distinguishes your company from others and should leave a good and memorable impression on customer/consumers. We will help you land a solid brand for your company and you will stand out from the rest as a successful brand. Using brands to these measures will help your company with publicity and increased user traffic. It's always nice to hear your company being the hot topic of conversation.



Content Creation




As a company, it is important to make sure that you are constantly creating content whether that may be social media posts or products to keep your customers hooked and interested. It's very common for people to lose interest in a brand or company so creating new content and changing things around will let people know that your company desires to go above and beyond. We will help assist in bringing the different varieties that will be game changers.






Photography is important because bringing out the best images of your company will leave a good impression for finders and consumers. People will always point out a good photograph and that will leave a lasting memory and using that could be a powerful advantage. Displaying your products or merchandise with professional photography is vital for sales and advertising and makes viewers hooked and wanting more.



Videography is as important as photography. Great videos want people interested and entertained. A good video of your product will want people asking for more and keeping them hooked. It is always necessary to make sure that your company is doing its best to advertise with videos and pictures to ensure that your products or merchandise is displayed in the best light.