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SEO is one of the things that distinguishes a business, you can have the best product or service out there, but if no one can find you online it may ultimately count for little. The difference between appearing on the first page of search results and the fifth can have drastic effects on both visitor numbers and sales.


How It Works


Understanding your audience is key to building organic traffic. We help define your exact customers so you can receive visitors that are looking for what you offer.​ We evaluate your website’s current SEO status with a fine-toothed comb, all the way down to its images. Then we continue to track progress in a clear and organized manner so you can see your goals being met in real time.​ All successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) projects first start with research. Our comprehensive Initial Analysis Reports lay the foundation for the strongest search engine success possible and determines the best path in achieving a return on your investment.  The analysis is an extreme amount of information we need to collect in order to take action and direction with your websites.  It takes us approximately two to three weeks to aggregate this data, then we deliver the reports to you in an online meeting format.  These reports allow all parties to understand the scope of the project and will allow us to write a Strategic Internet Marketing Plan (SIMP).  Once this plan is complete you'll receive an official quote for ongoing SEO, but until that point it's only guesswork as to the amount of effort that will be necessary to attain success.

 That is why we start with a baby step of noncommittal research. After that stage is complete you'll know what it's like to interact with our professional team, you'll have a great amount of knowledge about the opportunity and obstacles, and we'll know what it'll take to help you achieve the success you want. These initial reports include: