To Happy Days

Isaac Kang CEO/Marketing Lead




Holding a senior seat as Marketing Lead at both Agency & In-house Apparel Brands, Isaac has deep insiders knowledge in closing high volume sales in the competitive e-commerce landscape today. Widely known locally as the marketing "wiz-kid", he has contributed to domestic and international impact through his work with other brands. Through deep relational & professional networking, he has built a proven digital Eco-system with victories at corporate level businesses now made available for entry level brick and mortars. His vision for To Happy Days is to offer the best qualified talents at profitable commitments for new and growing businesses nationwide. An avid believer in God who credits his successes as part of being a recipient of blessings through the belief of "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." 





 Joseph Elias Castro/Social Media Account Lead



 As a social media lead for THD, Joseph has garnered the knowledge to develop influencer marketing programs, organic digital campaigns and more. He knows what it means to create a social strategy from a foundation all the way to reach a height of success. He's worked with corporations to bring them more revenue, customer engagement, and bring their brand's vision come true. Coming from a family oriented household, he was taught important values growing up. Being the oldest of 5, Joseph was taught patience, humility, and persistent attitude that has again and again shown to be an extremely important virtue in the never ending pursuit of social media success. 



Vadim Dzhavadox/Videographer


Known locally as one of the most trendy and hottest videographers in Los Angeles, Vadim has worked with the household names like Kylie and Kendall Jenner. He has hands on experience on what these mega companies use in their creative plans to capture the brand aesthetic that so many companies are trying to achieve today. His proud portfolio gives our clients a wide range of colors, hues, and identities to choose from to custom make their own! 


Chris Chun/Web Developer


As a promising recruit to the team, Chris is junior web developer with the certificate from the UCLA Coding Bootcamp. Having done several websites for clients as freelance projects, he is capable of solving problems through great research and finds ways to make his work concise and clear for others to understand. Though young in his developer career, Chris shows potential and solid teamwork with others to make sure the job gets done right.



Meysam Najafi/Web Developer




With a solid developer background, Meysam has a Bachelor of Computer Science from the Azad Ramsar University in Iran as well as the UCLA Coding Bootcamp certificate. Being highly intuitive and skilled, he has built numerous applications for various clients and has honed his skills greatly. He has shown great potential and hunger for more knowledge and experience. Always viewing things with a positive attitude, he tackles difficult tasks with confidence to solve any problems.



Han Kim/Graphics and Visual Designer




Michael Yoon/E-Commerce



With both in-house and agency experience, Michael Yoon is the lead development and IT lead at To Happy Days Launch Agency. A strong computer literacy background with a degree at Purdue University, he finds no technical challenge "too much" to handle. He enjoys problem solving and discovering optimized routes for web applications for our clients.